Plenary Sessions

Plenary Session 1 - Embracing the 4th Industrial Revolution: Emerging Trends in AI, IoTs and Smart Cities
Prof Darelle van Gruenen
Prof Darelle van Gruenen (NMMU, South Africa) - Chair
Passport Photo of Ashish
Dr Ashish Gadekar (AMITY, Mauritius)
Tony Lee
Mr T. Lee Luen Len, Partner, Ecosis

Plenary Session 2 -The Future of Education in the Wake of Technology Integration - Feast or Fate
Mr Govin Appavoo OU
Mr P Appavoo: Open University of Mauritius (Chair)
Dr Dhananjay Keskar (AMITY, Mauritius)
Prof Sid Nair - Director TEC

Plenary Session 3 - Towards Good Global Governance and Sustainable Development in the 21st Century
Professor Purshottama Reddy - (UKZN, South Africa) - Chair
Ms Nirmala Govender, Ethekwini Municipality, SA
Asso Prof Dr Robin Nunkoo - UoM

Plenary Session 4 – Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and AI - the next Digital Storm?
Dr Avinash Ramtohul
Dr Avinash Ramtohul, Managing Director of Oracle Mauritius (Chair)
Joshua Paul Hawley
Mr Joshua Paul Hawley, Founder of the Mauritius Blockchain Advisory Foundation and Co-founder of Mauritius Ehereum Foundation
Dr Drishtysingh Ramdenee
Dr Drishty Ramdenee, Head of Ocean Economy, BIO Economy - Economic Development Board, Mauritius